Poetry / Spanish

Alimentum Poems

Poem I: Culinary Insecurity

When you don’t cook you think you
can’t ever make lovers
close their eyes while they taste your
bisque or neighbors mmh-hm as they
bite borscht bits of red and cream.
When you don’t cook your
guests blink at the size
of the crab cake on their plate
can’t possibly- and- oh it’s gone.
But you don’t cook and you think: “Fluke.”
I’ll never have this much luck

Poem II: When I’m 58

You get up first and your waking up
is noisy:
kettle rattle and cups and grumble
at anything I forgot to wash last night.
But I sleep again with the ache
on my back from the cold of worry
the heavyweight Bichon against
my legs (she never stirs) and soon
there’s coffee for me & lox & goat cheese;
your bike is gone and my worries minced
I love you more in my sleep & the dog
the salmon bits of my waking up.

Poem III: Depression Menu

Not that kind of depression.
Flour, water, grease; these, I hear
were the ingredients of 1929 for biscuits.
Twice-brewed tea, day-old toasted ends and
flowered cup in 1958.
In 2011 it’s coffee and
computer poems and correcting papers;
make plans for two-thousand & twelve
for an immigrant’s lifetime
to celebrate and let’s
have chocolate to medicate
the other kind.


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