Mariana Romo-Carmona, b. Santiago de Chile, 1952
Contributor to numerous anthologies, has taught literature and creative writing at Goddard College and CUNY. She has an MA in Spanish/LatinAm literature from City College of NY and is a PhD candidate in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures, The Graduate Center, CUNY,
Co-Editor, Cuentos: Stories By Latinas (1983). Co-Editor Conditons: 15-17 (1988-1990). Founder/Co-Editor, COLORLife! Magazine (1990-1992). Author, Living at Night, novel (1997). Author, Speaking Like An Immigrant: a Collection. Astraea Lesbian Fiction Prize. First Edition 1998, Second Edition 2010. Editor- Translator- Author, Conversaciones. Lambda Foundation Prize, 2001. Author, Sobrevivir y otros complejos: Poems in Englillano, 2011


Mariana Romo-Carmona es la autora de la novela Living at Night, cuya protagonista lesbiana, Erica García, es puertorriqueña de 2nda generación en el estado de Connecticut. Erica trabaja en una región rural, en una institución para gente con incapacidades en los 1970. Romo-Carmona ha publicado ficción y poesía en ambos idiomas en numerosas antologías, y ha traducido extensamente por más de 20 años.
La 2a Edición de su colección de cuentos en inglés y español, Speaking Like An Immigrant, se acaba de publicar como libro electrónico (ebook).   Romo-Carmona ha editado además la antología Conversaciones: Relatos por padres y madres de hijas lesbianas e hijos gay, ganadora del premio Lambda 2001. Romo-Carmona entrevistó a 23 madres y padres para crear un collage de conversaciones; muchos de ellos imigrantes a los EEUU y Canadá.

Romo-Carmona enseñó en la Facultad del Programa de Masters en Creación Literaria, en Goddard College (1994-2006), y fue profesora de literatura latinoamericana y española en el Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Labor Studies/CUNY en Manhattan (2001-2012). Tiene un masters en literatura española y latinoamericana, y actualmente está escribiendo su disertación doctoral en el Graduate Center, CUNY, en literatura.

CV – updated 2013

Publications – Books

Sobrevivir y otros complejos: Narrative Poems in Englillano. New York: Escritorial Press, 2011. Print and e-book.

Speaking Like an Immigrant: A Collection. Revised and expanded edition. New York: Escritorial Press, 2010. Print and e-book.

Conversaciones: Relatos por padres y madres de hijas lesbianas e hijos gay. San Francisco: Cleis Press, 2001. Print.

Speaking like an Immigrant: A Collection. First ed. New York: Latina Lesbian History Project, 1999. Print.

Living at Night. A novel. Duluth: Spinsters Ink, 1997. Print.

Anthologies (edited)

Queer City. Co-editors Robinson, Harold, Ira Silverberg, and Jacqueline   Woodson. New York: The Portable Lower East Side, 1992. Print.

Cuentos: Stories by Latinas. Co-editors: Gómez, Alma and Cherrie Moraga. New York: Kitchen Table Press, 1983. Print.

Publications – (edited)

Colorlife: The Lesbian, Gay, Two Spirit, Bisexual, People of Color Magazine-  Managing Co-editor with Lidell Jackson, 1992-94

Conditions: Feminist Literary Journal – Editorial Board 1988-1992

Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press. Bilingual Editor 1981-1985

Translations – (Spanish to English)

Teaming: Monica’s Dream, by Jil Van Eyle and Mercedes Salvador. New York: Escritorial Press, 2012. Print and e-book.

“Artist Texts: The Development of a Process, and Cracks in the Painting” by J.M. Cabané. Art Catalog, Barcelona. October, 2011.

“On the Subject of Heaps (About Anamnesis, by J. M. Cabané)” by Arnau Pons. Catalan and Spanish. Art Catalog, Barcelona. October 2011.

La muchacha de los ojos tristes: Poemas, homenajes y estrés, by Noemí Trujillo Giacomelli. New York: Escritorial Press, 2011. Print and e-book.

Viviendo campo a través: Memoir, poems and stories, by Mercedes Salvador Acevedo. New York: Escritorial Press, 2011. Print and e-book.

“Patlatonalli Manifesto.” GLQ Archive. Ed. Mark Blasius. 1997. Print.

Publications – (magazines and journals)

“The History of Her Depression,” SNR, the SN Review Online/Print Literary Journal. Summer, 2011. Web.

“Cabeza de serpiente,” and “Gotas.” Traslapuente: Revista Literaria de la Ribera de Navarra 11.43 (mayo 2011): 38-9. Print.

“Becoming Blond, Peregrine Journal 23 (2005): 66-9. Print.

“Death of the Rabbits.” Best of Carve Magazine: Fiction 5. Tallahassee: Carve Magazine Press, 2005. Print.

“Death of the Rabbits.” The Literary Review 47.3 (Spring 2004). Print.

“Tracks.” Carve Magazine Online/Print (July 2003). Web.

Poems. 13th Moon: A Feminist Literary Magazine 7.1-2 (Winter 2002): 65-9. Print.

“The Foreign Girl.” Essence Magazine (October 1999). Print.

Literary Review of The Pagoda, by Patricia Powell. Ms. Magazine (1999). Print.

“Scene at 9 A.M.” and “La Exhibición” Aquelarre. Vancouver, B.C, 1997. Print.

“Meditations on Immigration.” Front Arts Magazine. Vancouver, 1996. Print.

“Lesbian Latinas: Organizational Efforts to End Oppression.” Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. Ed. Hilda Hidalgo. Hayworth Press, 1995. Print.

“Civic Duty in the Age of Space Probes.” Crossroads: Contemporary Political Analysis and Left Dialogue. San Francisco, 1994. Print.           

“The Color of My Narrative.” Radical America. Boston, 1993. Print.

“Third World Women.” with Loly Carrillo. Our Bodies Ourselves. Fifth Revised Edition. New York: Simon and Shuster, 1985. Print.

“Esta mañana.” Periódico El Sur. Concepción, Chile, 1979. Print.

Publications – (anthologies)           

“Había una vez una reina,” Talla: Antología poética. Jaen: Lalunaesmía Editoras, 2011.

“Idilio.” Sinister Wisdom 74: Latina Lesbians. Ed. Juanita Díaz Cotto. 2009.

“Passage.” Steeped: In the World of Tea. Northampton: Interlink Press, 2004.

Poems. The World In Us: Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave. Eds. Michael Lassell and Elena Georgiou. New York: Saint Martin’s Press, 2000.

“A Letter.” A Woman Like That. Ed. Joan Larkin. New York: Avon Books, 1999.

“Between the Andes and the Sea.” Lesbian Travels: A Literary Companion. Ed. Lucy Jane Bledsoe. San Francisco: Whereabouts Press, 1998.

“Latina Lesbians.” A Queer World. Ed. Martin Duberman. New York: NYU Press, 1997)

“How We Get That Way.” Queer Thirteen. Ed. Clifford Chase. New York: Rob Weisbach, 1998.

“Conversation.” Her Testimony. Ed. Aruna Sitesh. New Delhi: Affiliated     East/West Press, , 1994.

“Gabriela” and “Una Madre.” Compañeras: Latina Lesbians. Ed. Juanita Ramos. 2nd Ed. Routledge, 1994.

“The Virgin in The Desert.” Beyond Gender and Geography: American Women Writers. New Delhi: Affiliated East/West Press, 1994.

“2280.” Conditions: Seventeen. Eds. Cheryl Clarke et al. Brooklyn: Conditions, 1990.

“Piece de Resistance” and “Untitled.” Fight Back: Feminist Resistance to Male Violence. Eds. Frederique De la Coste and Felice Newman. Pittsburgh: Cleis Press, 1981.

Journalistic and Teaching blogs:

Writingatnight/escribiendo de noche and Diario de una escribana, 2007-Present


Adjunct Professor – JSM Institute for Labor Studies/CUNY. Comparative Literature. Dept. of Hispanic Languages. Queens College. New York, NY. Courses: Latin American Literature, Spanish Lit., Comp. Lit., Social Sciences, Eng. Comp., and Spanish I-III. Fall 2001- Spring 2012

Faculty – Goddard College, Vermont. MFA Program in Writing (Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; Comparative literature; Critical writing) 1994-2006

Program Coordinator – Project Reach: Youth Counseling Advocacy and   Organizing Center (New York City) 1993-94

Public Education Coordinator – Lambda Legal Defense Fund (New York) 1990-91

Community Education Specialist – Mass. Coalition of Battered Women’s  Groups (Boston) 1980-81

Spanish Instructor – Cambridge, Mass. YWCA 1980

Spanish Instructor – Bishop Center, University of Connecticut, 1978

Spanish Instructor – More Hall (Abington, CT) 1977

Spanish and Math Instructor – Windham Adult Ed. (Willimantic, CT) 1976

Awards and Fellowships

Lambda Book Award, for Conversaciones, 2002

National Latino/a Lesbian Gay Organization (LLEGO) Building Bridges Award, 2000

Barbara Smith Literary Criticism Award, 2000

Audre Lorde Project Honoring Our Past Award, 1998

Fellow- The Millay Colony for the Arts, 1998

New York City Anti-Violence Project Courage Award, 1997

Fellow-The MacDowell Colony, 1997

Las Buenas Amigas Visionary Leadership Award, 1996

Men of All Colors Together, New York Activist Award, 1992

Astraea: National Lesbian Writers Fund Fiction Award, 1991


The Lambda Literary Foundation, Fiction Judge, 2007, 2010

The New York Foundation for the Arts, Fiction Judge, April, 2000

The Massachusetts Cultural Council, Fiction Panel Reader, March 2000

The Publishing Triangle, “The 100 Best Lesbian & Gay Novels,” Judge, 1999

Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation, Fiction Award Judge, 1995, 2000

Barnard College, New York City Young Women’s Poetry Competition, Judge 1994

Public Sector

            Program Coordinator – Project Reach, Youth Counseling, Advocacy and Organizing Center, New York, NY, 1993-1994

            Public Education Coordinator – Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, New York, NY, 1990-1991

            Senior Compliance Specialist – The City of New York, Office of Labor Services

Supervision of specialists on reviews and conferences; writing and development of compliance documents; support to Assistant Director on training and compliance projects. Jan 89-Apr 90

            Compliance Specialist – Performance of complex reviews pursuant to E.O. 50, including employment policies and workforce analysis; development and negotiation of Employment Programs; coordination of special projects and seminars; independent research and writing of memoranda on novel compliance issues. Jul 86-Jan 89

            Technical Assistance Specialist – Compliance reviews of NYC contractors; technical assistance to contractors and City agencies. Nov 84-Jul 86

            Community Education Specialist – Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women’s Groups, Boston, MA 1980-1981

Presentations (selected)

Introduction, translation, readings, and commentary:  New York City Booklaunch of Escritorial titles, Bookculture bookstore; JSM Institute for Labor Studies/CUNY, May 17&19, 2011, New York, NY

Barcelona Booklaunch of Escritorial titles, Bistro D’Arte, Pasaje Pellicer; Llibreria Bernat +, Buenos Aires 6. April 13 & 14, 2011, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

NYC Booklaunch of Compañeras: Latina Lesbians, 2005 Revised Edition. Introduction and commentary. Bluestockings bookshop, New York, NY

New York University, Talk and author reading, New York City, Winter 2003

PACE University, Class Talk, Dr. Karla Jay, New York City, Fall 2003

In Our Own Write series, author reading, The LGBT Community Center, New York City, 2003

Toronto Latin American Centre, Reading from Conversaciones: Relatos por padres y madres; Author reading, Spring 2002, Toronto, Canada

Cornell University at Ithaca, Reading from Conversaciones: Relatos por padres y madres de hijas lesbianas e hijos gay, Spring 2001

New York Public Library series, Jefferson Library, Poetry Reading, The World In Us: publication, Fall 2000

Lavender Linguistics Conference, keynote panelist – American University, Washington, D.C., September 1999. “The Languages of the Conqueror & A Journey Between Them.”

Associated Writing Programs Conference, panelist – Albany, NY 1999  “Cultural Representation of Latina/o Characters from Margins to Mainstream.”

Toronto Booklaunch for Speaking Like An Immigrant, Toronto Women’s Bookstore, Canada, 1999

Crossing Borders, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Conference, panelist, New York City, 1999

Literary Paths and Self Figuration in the Latin American Canon

OutWrite Conference, keynote 1992, panelist – 1993, 1995,1998,1999 One Hundred Years of Solitude is Long Enough: Latina/o Roundtable; Boston

Goddard College, MFA Workshops and Panels: The 1930s from an International Perspective;  Cortázar: Surrealism and Magic Realism; The Self-Consciousness of Language: A Translation Approach to Poetry – 1994 to 2006

The Art Institute of Chicago, visiting writer – October 1998

The Center for Latino & Latin American Studies, Northern Illinois University, visiting writer October 1998

The Publishing Triangle, Spanish Language Reading at the New York Public Library – July 1998

Commencement Address, MFA in Writing Graduation, Goddard College, VT, 1996, and 2000

United Voices /United Visions, 2nd People of Color Pride             Conference, New York City – June 1996  Creative Writing for Latina Lesbians

Talk and Workshop presentation, Latino Students’ Group. Duke University, 1996

First People of Color Pride Conference, New York City  June 1995, “The Satellite Story: Approaches to the Novel”

Northeastern University, Women’s Law Caucus, panelist and visiting writer, October 1993

Third Latin American Lesbian Feminist Conference, panelist – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, 1992

The 3rd OUTWRITE Conference – Boston, 1992  Keynote Address on the Quincentennial

Second Latin American Lesbian Feminist Conference, panelist – San José, Costa Rica, 1990

Hunter College, Dept. Of Black & Puerto Rican Studies, visiting writer – February 1988

First Latin American Lesbian Feminist Conference, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 1987;  Presentation of workshops and translation

8th ILIS Conference, workshop translation – Geneva, Switzerland, 1986  La Red/Network of Latin American & US Latina organizations

IGA History Conference, workshop translation – Toronto, Canada, 1985  Grassroots Documentation Projects

International Black Book Conference, Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press editor, London, England 1982


2 thoughts on “Contact/CV

  1. Hi, Mariana. I hope it’s OK not to join Google Circles; I’m e-swamped. My new e-mail address is below; would you mind sending me yours? I have an idea about having a June “Mini Street Fair” in ToP. (I have a few pieces I’d like to move “out of the inventory” before July.) Thanks! — Mary


  2. Hello Mariana,

    My name is Patricia Fraser-Morales. I am familiar with your work through my wife, Myrna Morales. I’d like to speak with you about possibly participating in an upcoming event at SAGE (Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders) featuring lesbian writers during Women’s History Month. I am a Program Assistant in the Harlem office of SAGE, working with the Coordinator of Women’s Programs to put on this event. I am specifically reaching out to women of color so that the panel is a diverse representation of the lesbian community, and I am hoping you are available to participate. It is scheduled for Friday, March 21st, 7-9pm at the SAGE Center in midtown Manhattan. Please contact me at to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you and take care, Patricia


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