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From Guillermo Cabrera Infante to Mario Vargas Llosa: The Language of our Childhood

There are probably few periods of time in our lives as indelible as the years we spend with a group of friends, siblings, cousins, a group of original beings about the same age, whose speech is unique, and with whom we share a language created and understood only by ourselves. If we are fortunate, we … Continue reading

Crítica literaria / Fiction / Teaching

Julio Cortázar: Narrador y protagonista – or, Actor/Director?

La noche boca arriba (The Night Face Up) [Seix Barral, 1983] is one of Cortázar’s best-loved short stories. The majority of his short fictions are so well known, in fact, that one could have a conversation with friends fondly recalling plots and characters as if reminiscing about a friend’s exploits during his wilder days (…remember … Continue reading